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Sparklys's Hard Seltzer Elderberry is here!

For a young company there are many hurdles on the way to filling the first own taste of the Sparklys Hard Seltzer. However, the last hurdle was also overcome in September of last year. Thus, Sparklys's Hard Seltzer Maracuja was born as one of the first Swiss hard screens. With pride we can now present our second touch direction.

The idea of ​​Hard Seltzer is based on having the choice between different Flavors. That's why we broke the heads for a long time across our first flavor. How should our first product taste - raspberry, lime, grapefruit or maybe Maracuja? At that time we lacked resources to produce several tastes at once. After weeks of testing and comparing, it was decided. Sparklys's Hard Seltzer Maracuja would be our first flavor. Exotic and refreshing. Just like Hard Seltzer is perceived by the Swiss.
As if it had been yesterday, we held our Sparklys Hard Seltzer Maracuja Dose in his hand a year ago. This was the starting signal to tackle more intensively in all areas. Our next destination was to have tested a second Flavor in time for the summer. A new taste that perfectly complements the Maracuja Flavor and contributes that 2021 becomes the first hard-soothe summer of Switzerland.

Our Sparkklys Hard Site Maracuja is often described as pleasant sour-tier and of course. As a supplement, we searched for a sweet and lightweight taste, which should wake nostalgic feelings.

Sparklys's hard verse elder with 6-pack

The new Sparkklys Hard Seltzer should conquer the side of Maracuja your hearts. It was quick to realize that this place can only take Sparkly's Hard Sprenter Elder.
The elderberry Hard Seltzer is so discreet in the taste as the predecessor Maracuja despite the sweetness. The two Sparklys's hard verseers are light, at the same time fruity - sprinkling and summery.

We proudly present you our first two flavors Sparklys's hard verse. And one thing is certain, it will not stay with these two.

Cheers, your neo-alchemists from Sparklys

Sparklys Team Unterschrift

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Original Zeitgeist — Sparklys Hard Seltzer

Sparklys Hard Seltzer is the alcoholic refreshment with the original zeitgeist. Only 80 calories in 250ml. Low sugar. Vegan and gluten-free. We renounce bullshit.

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