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About us

Behind the scenes

Sparklys is the better-for-you alcohol company. We have dedicated ourselves to the production of the purest and most refreshing Premium Hard Seltzer. No shortcuts or compromises. Our creations are undeniable fizzy, low sugar and gluten-free and represent a conscious, active and self-determined lifestyle without complete abstinence.

How everything started

The story of Sparklys takes us back to the spring of 2019, on a journey through the USA. Two students enjoyed the Hawaiian sunset after surfing, as a couple came to them and offered them an ominous drink. The occurrence of the can was difficult to classify; apparently the beverage contained alcohol, but the appearance rather reminded them of a sports drink. The two asked the couple: it was a "Hard Seltzer", a mineral water spiked with alcohol and aromas. "Perfect for young and active people like you!", the couple said with a wink.

The two students were fascinated by the drink. In the same night, they deepened their research concerning the market situation outside the US and especially in Switzerland and found nothing! No sales, no importers, not even a press article was to be found ...

Also on the Californian mainland, the presence of the beverage was striking; at most music festivals as well as student parties, the majority of people drank Hard Seltzer instead of beer. For the two students a very extraordinary and exciting change of drinking culture, which had completely passed by little Switzerland.

Before traveling back to Switzerland, they contacted their friend, designer by trade, as it was almost as important to them as the content of the can, and they told him about the idea to create a new drink for the Swiss market. Already on the journey back, they ordered a variety of flavors and ingredients to Switzerland to lose no time.

Back home and now in a threesome, they were able to get started directly. First drinks were mixed in the kitchen - alchemists had to feel that way back in the day. Over 100 different tastes and variations of the beverage were tested. For the first time, the team made experiments with citric acid and unscheduled consequences. After a "mixing session" on an evening in the summer of 2019, one of them felt strong abdominal pain. His appendix became inflamed and had to be removed surgically on the following morning. Everything to bring a drink trend to Switzerland. Therefore, no one can say, that no sacrifices were made.

At the end of summer 2019, for the first time a recipe was presented, which was to everyone’s liking (and led to no complications). A small bottler was searched out to fill prototypes in a minimum quantity. After an extensive search and many clarifications, a company was ready to produce 2000 cans with paper label. The prototypes arrived in February 2020 and were distributed together with a feedback form to friends and family. The reactions were conclusive - the idea was in vogue.

Founder Story

The team came into contact with potential production partners and refined in collaboration with experts the secret Sparklys formula for the best Hard Seltzer of the world - the liquid gold of the neo-alchemists and original zeitgeist. In the summer of 2020, finally the company was officially founded and the first professional bottling took place in September. Sparklys Hard Seltzer was born and here to stay. Today, Sparklys Switzerland AG offers two flavors of Hard Seltzer and operates throughout Switzerland as well as in Austria.

The Core Team

Brand Warrior

Ayko Neil Kehl

Master of Coin

Gabriel Elia Altwegg

Party Planner

Andri Zindel

Conversation Architect

Sandro Hagen

Cool People Who Help Us

Full stack magician

Timo Jokinen


René Zeier


Alisha De Munk

Head of Storytelling

Alexander Gordon

Event Photographer

Manuel Eichmann


Willi Weder


Petra Weder

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