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Terms of service

1.      scope

For all orders via our website, the following general terms and conditions apply (AGB). The offer on this website is governed exclusively on consumers residing in Switzerland and in Liechtenstein (Below "customer").

As a consumer or consumer, a natural person is called Sparkklys Switzerland AGMaintains business relationships, which can not be assigned to their commercial nor their independent professional activity. Orders in non-household quantities can be rejected without justification.

Sparkklys Switzerland AGreserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. Decisive is the version of these terms and conditions that can be changed at the time of order, which can not be changed on one side for this order. Conflicting or deviating conditions of the clientele are not recognized.

The operator of this website is Sparkklys Switzerland AG(www.sparkklys.ch/policies/legal-notice).

2.      Information on this website

This website contains information about products and services. Price and assortment changes and technical changes are reserved. All information on www.sparkklys.ch (product descriptions, illustrations, illustrations, films, mass, weights, technical specifications, accessories and other information) are illustration and are to be understood as proximity values ​​and are not binding. In particular, they are not an assurance of properties or guarantees, except it is explicitly noted differently. Sparkklys Switzerland AGEffects all information and information on this website correctly, completely, up-to-date and clearly providing, however Sparkklys Switzerland AGneither explicitly nor tacit.

All offers on this website are considered non-binding and are not to be understood as binding offers.

Sparklys Switzerland AG can not guarantee that the listed products are available at the time of ordering. Therefore, all information on availability and delivery times are without guarantee and can change at any time and without announcement.

3.      Prices

The sales prices indicated on Sparkklys Switzerland AG constitute final prices, unless otherwise stated, the statutory VAT and any other statutory levies such as pre-drawn recycling fees (VRG) or copyright levies in electronic equipment. The prices are purely net in Swiss francs (CHF).

Any shipping costs, where not otherwise provided, will be charged additionally and can be paid by the customer. Shipping costs are shown separately in the ordering process.

Technical changes, errors and pressure errors remain reserved, especially Sparkklys Switzerland AG can make price changes at any time and without notice. No consulting and support services are included in the sales prices.

4.      Conclusion of the contract

The products and prices on this website are considered non-binding offers.

With the order via this website including the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, the customer issues a legally binding offer for the conclusion of the contract. Sparklys SWITERLAND AG then ships an automatic order confirmation by email, confirming that the customer's offer has been received by Sparkklys Switzerland AG. Orders made are binding for the customer. Where not otherwise noted, there is no return or withdrawal right.

The contract is concluded as soon as Sparkklys Switzerland AG sends a declaration of acceptance by email, where the shipping of the ordered products or services is confirmed.

Orders will only be delivered after complete payment (exception: delivery against invoice) and if the goods are available. If the ordered goods are not or not fully delivered, Sparkkys Switzerland AG is entitled to not or only partially accept the order. In such a case, Sparkklys Switzerland AG will inform the customer by email. If the customer's payment has already been received by Sparkklys Switzerland AG, the payment will be refunded to the customer. If no payment is made, the customer is exempt from the obligation to pay.

5.      Payment options and retention of title

The customer is available to the payment options specified in the ordering process.

Sparklys Switzerland AG reserves the right to exclude customers without giving reasons of individual payment options or to insist on prepayment.

Sparklys Switzerland AG can charge default interest of 5% per year as well as a reminder fee of CHF 20.- per reminder in the event of default of payment of the customer.

The products delivered to the customer remain the property of Sparkklys Switzerland AG until full payment.

6.      Delivery, test obligation, defects and return

The deliveries are sent by post or courier to the address specified by the customer in the order.

Sparklys Switzerland AG is trying to comply with short delivery times as possible. Any delivery times specified in the order confirmation, however, are not binding. Sparklys Switzerland AG is entitled to partial deliveries. The shipping costs will be calculated in this case only once.

The shipping of the invoice, as far as delivery against account is offered, is by election of Sparkklys Switzerland AG by email or by post.

If the delivery is not deliverable or the customer refuses to accept the delivery, Sparkklys Switzerland AG can resolve the contract after a notification by email to the customer and under compliance with a reasonable period of grace and to charge the costs for the activities.

The customer is obliged to examine the delivered goods immediately after receipt of the delivery and any defects, for which Sparkklys Switzerland AG guarantees, immediately in writing by letter or email to the address in the imprint (www.sparkklys.ch/policies/legal-notice) Display.

Returns to Sparklys Switzerland AG are made on account and danger of the customer. The customer has the goods in original packed, complete with all accessories and together with the delivery note and a detailed description of the defects to the return address indicated by Sparkklys Switzerland AG.www.sparkklys.ch/policies/legal-notice) to send.

If the examination by Sparkklys Switzerland AG is that the goods have no detectable defects or these are not covered by the manufacturer's warranty, Sparkklys Switzerland AG may charge the activities, the return or any disposal of the customer.

7.      Right of withdrawal

The customer is granted a right of withdrawal for 14 calendar days after receipt of the goods. The deadline is considered if the customer is the written revocation by email or letter (address according to imprint, www.sparkklys.ch/policies/legal-notice) Change within the deadline to Sparkklys Switzerland AG. The revocation does not require justification.

The exercise of the right of withdrawal leads to a reversal of the contract. The customer must within 7 calendar days in original packaging, complete with all accessories and together with the delivery note to the return address specified by Sparkklys Switzerland AG in the imprint (www.sparkklys.ch/policies/legal-notice) Go back. Returns to Sparklys Switzerland AG are made on account and danger of the customer. A payment already already done will be refunded within 30 calendar days to the customer, as long as Sparkklys Switzerland AG has already retained the goods or the customer can provide a proof of entry.

Sparklys Switzerland AG reserves the right to demand for damage, excessive wear or loss of value due to improper use of reasonable compensation and to deduct the impairment of the already paid purchase price or to charge the customer.

In the following cases no right of withdrawal is granted:

  • If the contract has a random element, namely because the price is subject to fluctuations, which the provider has no influence;
  • If the contract has a movable thing to the object that is not suitable for return due to its nature or can spoil quickly;
  • If the contract has a movable matter, which is made according to the specifications of the customer or clearly tailored to personal needs;
  • If the Treaty has digital content to the subject and this content is not made available on a fixed disk or if the contract is to be fully fully fulfilled by both parties;
  • If the Treaty has a service to the subject matter and the contract is fully fulfilled by the provider with the prior express consent of the customer before the cancellation period has expired.
  • In the areas of accommodation, transport, supply of food and drinks as well as leisure activities, if the provider obliged to provide the contract, to provide the services at a given time or within a precisely specified period of time.

8.      Warranty

Sparklys Switzerland AG strives to deliver goods in perfect quality. In the case of shortcomed defects, Sparkklys Switzerland AG takes over the guarantee of defects and functionality of the object of the customer acquired by the customer during the statutory warranty period. It is at the discretion of Sparkklys Switzerland AG to provide warranty by free repair, equivalent replacement or refund of the purchase price. Further warranty rights are excluded.

The warranty does not recognize normal wear and consequences as well as the consequences of improper treatment or damage by the customer or third parties as well as defects that are due to external circumstances.

Sparklys Switzerland AG is not possible to submit assurances or guarantees for the timeliness, completeness and correctness of the data as well as for the constant or undisturbed availability of the website, their functionalities, integrated hyperlinks and other content. In particular, neither is assured, nor guaranteed that no rights of third parties are violated by using the website, which are not owned by Sparkklys Switzerland AG.

9.      liability

Sparklys Switzerland AG closes any liability, regardless of its legal reason, as well as claims for damages against Sparkklys Switzerland AG and against any auxiliary persons and vicarious agents. Sparklys Switzerland AG is not liable for indirect damages and consequential damages, lost profits or other personal, expert and pure asset losses of the customer. Reserved remains a further compelling statutory liability, for example for gross negligence or unlawful intention.

Sparklys Switzerland AG uses hyperlinks only for the simplified access of the customer to other web offers. Sparklys Switzerland AG can not know the content of these websites in detail, nor liability or other responsibility for the contents of these websites.

10. Privacy

Sparklys Switzerland AG may process and use the data taken under the conclusion of the contract to fulfill the obligations under the purchase contract and use as well as marketing purposes. The data necessary for the performance of the performance can also be passed on to commissioning service partners (logistics partners) or other third parties.

The privacy policy is available in detail under the following link: www.sparkklys.ch/policies/legal-notice

11. Division

If individual provisions of these terms and conditions will prove ineffective or ineffective or ineffective or impracticable, the effectiveness of the remaining provisions remains unaffected.

12. Further provisions

Sparklys Switzerland AG expressly reserves the right to change the available terms and conditions at any time and to enter into force without notice.

In the case of disputes comes Surely material Swiss law with the exclusion of collision law standards for use. The UN Sales Law (CISG, Viennese Sales Law) is explicitly excluded.

Jurisdiction is Altstätten, Switzerland or residence of consumer or consumer.