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Everything you always wanted to know about Sparklys Hard Seltzer

Frequently asked questions and corresponding answers about Sparklys Hard Seltzer

What is Sparklys Hard Seltzer even and how does it taste? The most common questions about Sparklys Hard Seltzer, handed on a silver platter. Any further questions? Just message us!

Hard Seltzer is a new kind of beverage originating in the USA. The term Hard Seltzer means: fizzy water spiked with a bit of alcohol. The alcohol contained in Sparklys is obtained through the fermentation of sugar. That's why our Hard Seltzer is not subject to the alcohol, but the food law and thus falls into the same tax category as beer. The drink is enriched with natural aromas, which give Sparklys its light taste. Hard Seltzer isn’t comparable to beer, cider, wine and certainly not to alcopops. Imagine it as a low sugar and calorie alternative to traditional alcoholic drinks such as: beer, cidre, alcopops or wine. And Sparklys? Sparklys is the Hard Seltzer with the original zeitgeist.

Sparklys's Hard Seltzer contains: carbonated water, fermented glucose syrup, fructose, citric acid and natural fruit flavors.

The alcohol in Sparklys Hard Seltzer is obtained by the fermentation of glucose syrup. The process might differ a little bit, but the alcohol is identical with that of beer, cidre or wine.

Yes! Sparklys Hard Seltzer is made from gluten-free ingredients.

Yes! The ingredients in Sparklys Hard Seltzer are consistently vegan. No animal products included at all.

No! Sparklys Hard Seltzer doesn’t contain any caffeine.

Sparklys Hard Seltzer has 80 calories (kcal) per 250ml can, significantly less than leading beers or cider.

No! Sparklys Hard Seltzer is brewed much like beer. In contrast to alcopops and spirits, Sparklys does not contain distilled alcohol. In addition, Sparklys Hard Seltzer contains only 1.8g sugar to 250ml. In contrast, alcopops contain more than 12 grams in the same amount.

Visit our page Dealer to buy Sparklys in your area or to try it in the next bar. Or order the same here directly online.

Sparklys Hard Seltzer enthält KEINE der folgenden Erzeugnisse:

Glutenhaltiges Getreide sowie daraus hergestellte Erzeugnisse. / Krebstiere u. -erzeugnisse / Schalentiere u. -erzeugnisse / Ei u. -erzeugnisse / Fisch u. -erzeugnisse / Erdnüsse u. -erzeugnisse / Soja u. -erzeugnisse / Milch u. -erzeugnisse / Schalenfrüchte u. -erzeugnisse / Sellerie u. -erzeugnisse / Senf u. -erzeugnisse / Sesamsamen u. -erzeugnisse / Lupinen u. -erzeugnisse / So2 u. Sulfite (>10mg/lt.)

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