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Wie wird Sparklys Hard Seltzer hergestellt? Zurück zum Blog

How is Sparkkly's hard verseer manufactured?

To the mystery of our manufacturing process, some myths rank from whom we have set a considerable share into the world. Here we want to hold a for all the truth, nothing but the truth and spoiler: neither elves nor nymphs are exploited.

Unlike ethyl alcohol, the alcohol in Sparklys is created by the fermentation of glucose syrup: a tank is filled with the right amount of water and syrup, before our secret ingredient is added - the first biotechnology of humanity - yeast . However, which yeast uses exactly, we want to continue secret, as is the process in detail. As in beer, however, the yeast unfolds its almost magical forces. Needed by the sugar mixture, the microorganisms of the yeast lead a biochemical reaction, which starts the fermentation, whereby the glucose is transformed into alcohol - Paracelsus would be proud.

Under continuous control and regulation of the temperature, the tank is allowed to stand until the yeast has completely processed the sugar. The fermented solution then has barely sugar and is filtered professionally because one wants to get rid of the unwanted taste of yeast. (This method is also subject to strict secrecy.) The solution of fermented and filtered glucose syrup is diluted thereon with fresh rheintal water to bring the mixture to the desired alcohol content of 5%. In the following step, fructose or fructose is added to give our Hard Sprenter's subtle sweetness. Fructose binds optimally with the natural flavors, which our Sparkly ultimately owes its characteristic taste (eg elder or maracuja). In the end, a dash of acidic agents or citric acid, which lowers the pH and gives the drink a slightly sour grade.

Based alcohol base, made of natural ingredients. + Carbonated water from the beautiful Rhine Valley. + A touch of delicious and natural aroma.

The product is then analyzed in the laboratory so that everything meets our quality standards; Alcohol and durability are checked. Upon successful completion of all tests can be started with the bottling. In the final operations, carbon acid will be added as well. The filled doses are then sealed and heated lastly (pasteurized). Thus, Sparkklys Hard Seltzer is durable longer.

Convince you now From the flawless workmanship and the sublime taste.

Cheers, your neo-alchemists from Sparklys

Sparklys Team Unterschrift

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Original Zeitgeist — Sparklys Hard Seltzer

Sparklys Hard Seltzer is the alcoholic refreshment with the original zeitgeist. Only 80 calories in 250ml. Low sugar. Vegan and gluten-free. We renounce bullshit.

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