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Was ist Hard Seltzer? Zurück zum Blog

What is Hard Seltzer?

In short: Hard Seltzer is oneaLcoholic bubble water, usually with the addition of natural fruit flavors. In the production there are two different methods: a variant is mixed with ethyl alcohol, while in the other a natural fermentation process applies, as it is found in beer breweries.

Like beer, which is brewed under the purity district, Hard Seltzer Vegan, but also gluten-free. Unlike beer, cidre or comparable drinks, the fermentation of Hard Seltzer is only under the addition of sugar. This minimum content is converted into alcohol during the bale. This results in low calorie and sugar values.

Under these criteria, the hard verse of Sparkkly is also made and we will illuminate our exact manufacturing process in another post of this blog.

Hard Seltzer originally comes from the USA, where the market has been growing for several years and now overflow over the European mainland. Of the numerous terms with which Hard Seltzer is now referred to, Hard or Spiked Seltzer has best established itself.

Other variations are:

  • Hard soda
  • Alcoholic Seltzer
  • Hard Water
  • Punched Seltzer
  • Spiked Sparkling Water
  • Hard Sparkling Water
  • Alcoholic Seltzer
  • Alcoholic Serzer Drink
  • Fizzy Hard Seltzer
  • Chilled Seltzer


However, caution: In English language use, about a "chilled verdzer" can also describe a conventional cooled and carbonated mineral water.

Actually, we could have stopped at this point - all factors for Google Search were served. But we wanted to go a little more in the depths and explain the true origin of this curious term Hard Seltzer: Hard is simply clarified; Most are familiar with the approximate meaning. In connection with Seltzer, the alcohol content is described, although it is just as hard as a beer. Certainly harder than a well-tried mineral water: So alcoholic carbonated mineral water, roughly speaking.

But why all over the world "Seltzer"?

German-speaking readers are probably scratching from confusion at the word "Seltzer". It sounds German, but is a so-called loanword from English. That means: a word from a foreign language that transferred into everyday usage. The origin of the word "Seltzer" leads us straight back to the source - in the 16th century of the Hessian Lower Sperter, where, for the first time, of course, carbonated water filled in crimes and then exported throughout Europe.

Mineral water jug ​​of the source in Niederselters from the 19th century

Solterwasser became synonymous with bubble water and the English modification Seltzer can be found today as a leaning again, especially in the American - in the inventors of Hard Seltzer.

Ironically, this originally German word "Seltzer", which virtually completely disappeared from our linguistic use, now returned to the zeitgeist through Hard Seltzer, but as an English word you first have to explain.

We deal with Sparkkly us more intensively with Zeitgeist. That's why our Hard Seltzer is different. Better even? Well, we do not want to be at the same time. It's best to convince yourself and pull your own conclusions.

Order Sparkklys Hard Seltzer now!

Cheers, your neo-alchemists from Sparklys

Sparklys Team Unterschrift

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Original Zeitgeist — Sparklys Hard Seltzer

Sparklys Hard Seltzer is the alcoholic refreshment with the original zeitgeist. Only 80 calories in 250ml. Low sugar. Vegan and gluten-free. We renounce bullshit.

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