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Warum der Hard Seltzer Hype auch die Schweiz erreichen wird. Zurück zum Blog

Why the Hard Deltzer Hype will also reach Switzerland.

"The Next Big Thing" on the alcohol drink market, the timely trend drink from the United States swap from the rim to Europe. We have taken the phenomenon under the magnifying glass.

Hard Seltzer stands for alcoholized bubble water, mostly with the addition of natural fruit flavors, and is characterized by its vegan and gluten-free ingredients as well as the low sugar and calorie content. For a precise insight we recommend the contribution: What is Hard Seltzer?Here we want to deal with the market as a whole and its submarkets and show why one may expect from a similar development as in the United States. The stars are still good, even in Switzerland. According to the pandemic debacle of the last summer, which the late arrival of Hard Seltzer is probably attributed, a successful start of the drink is only little in the way, except for the same debacle. Comparable trends have always arrived faster in the past thanks to social media and co - Americanization. Somehow. With our western neighbors, Hard Seltzer has been celebrating his triumphal train since the summer of 2019 and has been practically a status as a fashion accessory on Instagram. It is important to emphasize the brands: White Claw, Truly, Bon & Viv and Henry's. Also common names from the industry already solved their ticket for the hype train, such as: Smirnoff, Bud Light or (Riceper) Corona. So why not see the stylish döschen on the European Social Media Feeds, some may ask. And now yes: the social life was almost exclusively limited to the virtual level and alcohol enjoyment usually takes place in a social environment in which one is physically together, or he may happen for reasons that should be considered again.

Sales Hard Gutzer in the USA

Europe moves

The Hype about Hard Seltzer relies on various megatrends like health, digital connectivity, individualization and convenience. It is the embodiment of the time spirit, a fast-paced, but healthy lifestyle between constant networking and natural bond with a flexible sensing. The market share of Hard Seltzer at the total alcohol market in the US increased from 0.85% in 2018 to 2.60% in 2019. Significant segment leader in the US is White Claw Hard Seltzer, followed by Truly Hard Gutzer; Your market share consists of over 80%. The rest of the cake mainly share the Brands Bon & Viv Spiked Seltzer, Smirnoff Gertzer and Henry's. These official values ​​come from 2019 and have now changed. Bud Light Seltzer entered the market in 2020 and secured a significant share within a short time. As previously mentioned, in Europe, a rush remained as in the US nor out. However, in particular in the United Kingdom, a variety of Hard Spritzer brands are already represented. Noteworthy are the brands: Bodega Bay, Mike's, Dry and Balans.

Does the trend now come to Switzerland?

In this country, many (so we too) promise a situation as in overseas. Numerous breweries and start-ups want to participate in the gold rush. High probability, the big Swiss breweries will launch their own product as soon as the full potential has revealed. So Feldschlösschen Hard Seltzer, Somersby Hard Seltzer and Garage Hard Songer were already registered as brands. Which brands will prevail on the European market will show in the foreseeable future. Market leader White Claw has occurred in the British market in 2020 and has its foot before the European mainland. From the statistics of the Federal Customs Administration, it shows that in Switzerland predominantly beer and wine are consumed. Spirits and orchine make up a small proportion of total consumption. Under beer both ciders and new ones fall Hard Seltzer on a fermentation alcohol base.

Hard Seltzer market share USA

The annual sales of beer amounts to approximately 3.6 billion CHF. Measured by sales, beer is thus the main competitor of Hard Seltzer. Heineken and Feldschlösschen share over 60% and the 6 largest breweries nearly 90% of the overall market; This illustrates the strong market position of the big breweries. Light Beers such as "Schützengarten Low Carb Beer" represent a low-calorie version of beer and benefit from the increase of this specific beverage segment. Taste, however, beer and Hard Seltzer differ significantly. Cider or Panaché, cute alternatives to beer, can be compared with hard screens through the high sugar content and intense taste. The same applies to Alkopops like absolutely Mixt and Smirnoff Ice. They contain significantly more sugar and are therefore not compatible with the lifestyle tailored to Hard Site. In the comparison of all these products, it will be apparent that until then, no calorie and sugar arms alternatives to beer in the market exist. Hard Seltzer with his fruity subtle taste, the small sugar and calorie content increases the role of a niche product.

Discover now what is behind the hype, and decide whether he is justified. We are helping you with pleasures.

Cheers, your neo-alchemists from Sparklys

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