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6 Hard Seltzer Cocktail Rezepte für den Sommer Zurück zum Blog

6 Hard Sprouter Cocktail Recipes for Summer

Although Sparklys's Hard Seltzer is predominantly consumed, but the flavored alcoholic water is also incredibly well suited to mix with other drinks. So if you have no desire for the light discreet taste of Hard Seltzer, and is more about something sweet, something stronger or something fruity, we have put together our favorite Hard Seltzer recipes for your cocktail card. The recipes were created in collaboration with various bartenders and were already rich at our events.

Sparperol (Sparkklys / Aperol)

Aperol SPRIZ, the summer cocktail par excellence, is also incredibly good with Sparkkly's Hard Gerzer. Both the Maracuja and the elderly variation work. The Prosecco can also be confidently omitted here. If you still want something more Pepp, we recommend the mixing ratio 3 parts of Prosecco, 2 parts of aperol, 2 parts of Sparkly's hard verse.

  • Ice cube
  • 1 part of aperol
  • 2 parts Sparkklys Hard Gerzer
  • OrangeSchnitz for taste & garnish


Heisenberg (Sparkklys / Vodka / Blue Curacao)

Hard Seltzer and Vodka alone does not make good mix. But the Vodka taste is too intense. With a shot of Blue Curacao, some lime and an orange schnitz, however, succeeds a blue bright drink on the self Walter White would be pride.

  • Ice cube
  • Half a lime (squeezed)
  • 1 part Blue Curacao
  • 0.5 Part Vodka
  • 2.5 parts Sparkklys Hard Site Maracuja
  • Orange schnitz for taste & garnish


Lillys (Sparklys / Lillet)

Lillet is also a cocktail, which has become more popular in recent years. With Sparkkly's hard verse, the drink is now even better. A Lillies looks incredibly chic, but is finished and ready to serve in a minute. Perfect for a warm summer day!

  • Ice cube
  • 1 part of Lillet
  • 2 parts Sparkklys Hard Seltzer Maracuja
  • Berryfor taste & garnish


Get your Sparkklys Hard Seltzer now

Pornstar (Sparkklys / Vodka / Passoa)

The legend says that the name of this drink from his inventor, the bartender Douglas Krah, was what thought was that it was what a pornstar would order; Other voices claim that he was inspired by the smell of perfume of a stripper. In any case, this crowd-effective combination of Vodka, Passoa and passion fruit, accompanied by a dash of Sparkklys Hard Site Maracuja a star.

  • Ice cube
  • A half lime (squeezed)
  • 1 part vodka
  • 1 part Passoa
  • 2.5 parts Sparkklys Hard Site Maracuja
  • A shot of sugar syrup
  • A shot passion fruit syrup (e.g. Monin)


Gin Deltzer (Sparkklys / Gin)

Against Gin & Tonic, someone has to obey someone. If you are looking for a slightly stronger drink you simply replace the Tonic with Sparkkly's Hard Seltzer and add some rosemary and a Schnitz orange. A classic with a modern twist!

  • Ice cube
  • 1 part gin (turicum / frakmont gin)
  • 2 parts Sparkklys Hard Gerzer
  • Rosemary &Orange schnitz for taste & garnish


Tom Collins (Sparkklys / Gin)

Who Gin Seltzer is still too little cute, with a few simple ingredients a Tom Collins. A slightly followed drink recipe, refreshing, carbonated and perfect for every summer's day.

  • Ice cube
  • 1.5 parts Gin (Turicum / Frakmont Gin)
  • 1 part of lemon juice
  • 0.5 part of sugar syrup
  • 3 parts Sparkklys Hard Gerzer
  • Lemon schnitzfor taste& garnish

Cheers, your neo-alchemists from Sparklys

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