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Hard Seltzer trifft auf Wein — Sparklys x Bataillard Zurück zum Blog

Hard Seltzer meets wine - Sparkklys X Bataillard

The young Hard Seltzer Startup Sparkklys Switzerland AG tans together with the largest private wine distributor Bataillard AG. The traditional company with more than 120 years of wine trade, brand management and communication is the first extension, together with wine, in its product portfolio and supports the young company in brand development, sales and distribution.

We had a wide grin on his face as we worded the words in the design of our first Hard Seltzer: "EST. 2020 "Prominent placed on the front of our tin. While other companies, especially in the alcohol sector, their centuries-old tradition and origin ("" since 1876 "or" over 100 years of brewing experience "), we deliberately chose the opposite. Instead of trying to cover up our short career, we wanted ourselves show proudly - in one year, which most would rather forgot, we created something that should have existing. Finally, this fits exactly in the concept of Hard Seltzer; a product, created for a new generation. An alcoholic beverage, anyone Foodtrends of recent years united. A drink, which meets the time spirit, and honestly, 2020 is apart from all just a nice number.

Considering this prehistory, we did not feel bad that just a wine agency with over 400 years of tradition contacted us and was interested in our Ambrosia; This mysterious drink, which would certainly cost the followers of Dionysos or Bacchus with pleasure. Tradition consciousness does not mean that you can not go over time. The team of Bataillard convinced us at the first meeting and apparently this was due to reciprocity.

So it comes with that we are allowed to pride and solemnly announce: Sparklys Hard Seltzer is supplemented as the first product outside the wine category as well as first cans product in the impressive assortment of Bataillard AG. And it gets even better! With their expertise, Bataillard AG supports us both in sales, brand development and distribution. Zeitgeist meets experience - tin meets on bottle - Hard Gertzer meets wine. An unusual mix that works amazingly well, but not recommended for imitation at home.

We look confident in the future and look forward to a fertile cooperation.

Cheers, your neo-alchemists from Sparklys

Sparklys Team Unterschrift

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Original Zeitgeist — Sparklys Hard Seltzer

Sparklys Hard Seltzer is the alcoholic refreshment with the original zeitgeist. Only 80 calories in 250ml. Low sugar. Vegan and gluten-free. We renounce bullshit.

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