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10 Gründe, warum Sparklys Hard Seltzer besser ist als alle anderen Alkoholgetränke Zurück zum Blog

10 reasons why Sparkkly's hard verse is better than any other alcohol drinks

The results of the following report originated as part of a scientific study, which was financed, scheduled and carried out by us - in this respect, she was completely independent. For personal reasons, our test persons to stay anonymous. Sparklys advised against imitations of any form.

Disclaimer: The experiments happened on a voluntary basis. Participants were at any time to cancel the experiment. Any similarity to alcohol abuse is purely random.

Sparklys Hard Sprout ...

  1. ... contains only 80 calories, or 1.8g sugar to 250 ml, with an alcohol content of 5%. His vegan and gluten-free ingredients make it particularly compatible, even in the case of enjoyers with high demands to what they take to themselves. Our test persons react well to both flavors: Maracuja and elderberry.
  2. ... are described as a perfect combination of alcohol beverage and refreshment. There are words like: noble, exceptional and yet discreet when assessing the taste. Over half of the test persons, the second feel better than the first. We note this as an indication that the required receptors are only shaped by repeated consumption.
  3. Our subjects report on first effects because, quote: "The little devils down like water."
  4. Test persons show increased readiness for discussion. Round is a sociable.
  5. A vaginal point announces: some test subjects will become fun for fun and threaten to tilt the mood, as not all the same humor share. It even comes to a confrontation and we superior to remove the crites from the experiment. In the end, the conflict is being scanned by giving up the hand and both exchanging a honest apology.
  6. Conventional Sixpacks hereby. In the name of science, we have expanded the experiment and drive as usual with number 7. For the moment there are no further incidents to note.
  7. Certain subjects are philosophically and ask themselves about the meaning of life; Looking for less in the box - those counting to the risk group. Others give fascinating statements. Things like: "Tastes as if there would be no cat.", Or: "Beer may be good for the skin, but Sparklys makes inside sexy.", Are expressed. Note: Some we have written down. We simply say they are from us and use them for advertising purposes.
  8. Some subjects claim that, while other alcoholics only escapes carbon cycles, when they are standing, it was at Sparkkly's Zeitgeist; If you take care of exactly, you can hear it sighs.
  9. Some test persons are becoming increasingly aggressive and mating, some of them. We set a constant acceptance of inhibitions. Thus, spontaneous crossdressing, unsolicited, crooked singing deposits and other irrational behavior patterns are observed.
  10. The tests run completely out of the rudder. The conspicuous behavior of the risk group turns on the remaining participants, so the conditions longer the more to remember a freak show. We see ourselves after the tenth run thus forced to end the experiment.

Sparklys's Hard Seltzer may taste as if there was no hangover, but that turned out the next day as a misjudgment. Therefore, we advise against excessive consumption - the health benefits of Hard Seltzers listen to alcohol - the liver thanks you if you do not overurpropate them. We apologize to the ClickBait title. This was deliberately chosen because we see public education work in the responsibility.

Enjoy Sparklys's Hard Sproute Responsible, best with friends and placed on ice. Self-experiments happen at their own risk.

Cheers, your neo-alchemists from Sparklys

Sparklys Team Unterschrift

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Original Zeitgeist — Sparklys Hard Seltzer

Sparklys Hard Seltzer is the alcoholic refreshment with the original zeitgeist. Only 80 calories in 250ml. Low sugar. Vegan and gluten-free. We renounce bullshit.

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