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Sparklys's Hard Site Brand Ambassador

Become a part of Sparklys!

We are looking for Brand Ambassadors who spreading Sparkkys in Switzerland and the national borders and represent our fire.

Do you have the stuff to the brand Ambassador?

  • - You are between 16 and 40 years young
  • - You live in Switzerland or Austria
  • - You are a fan of Sparkkly's hard verse
  • - You lead an active and conscious lifestyle
  • - You can identify with the values ​​of Sparkklys Hard Seltzer
  • - You want to actively contribute to the spread of our brand and the movement



Less Sugar, More Spirit!

Sparklys is the better alcohol company for you. We have dedicated ourselves to the production of the pursten and refreshing Premium Hard Seltzer. No shortcuts or compromises. Our creations are undeniable bubbly, sugar arm and gluten-free and stand for a conscious, active and self-determined life without complete abstinence.

We’re looking forward to your message!