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With each Sparkklys Hard Seltzer you will make a contribution to the environment

Sparklys gives back!

To nature, the people and the planet. We support sustainable projects with 1% of our revenue and would like to contribute to a negative carbon footprint.

Our planet is changing. You too?

We from Sparklys stand for a responsible use of the environment and their resources. That is why we have been a member of "1% for the planet" since our founding. This merger from international companies, non-profit organizations and consumers has committed to solving important environmental problems.

Members from companies donate 1% of the annual turnover to the network and decide which projects are supported with it. Through the efforts of "1% for the planet" and their partners, more than $ 175 million was donated for charity for charity since 2002.

When buying Sparkkys you support sustainability. However, since we are only at the beginning of our trip, no donations were collected yet. We are happy to accept recommendations and suggestions that would support exciting projects and visionary NGO's. Part of us with which environmental problems for you personally are the most urgent. We examine each feedback in the distribution of future donations.

Sparklys can with the 1% for the planet logo.


Long retreat beverage cans as bad for the environment. Today we know that this is wrong. Aluminum cans are thin-walled and can be with one Recycling ratio of 92% practically be recycled endlessly. According to Federal Office for the Environment (Fogu) is the Environmental impact of aluminums two and a half times less than for disposable glass bottles. The environmental future we have opted for aluminum cans and not for glass bottles. Help us to keep Switzerland clean and recycles empty Sparklys. Together we can reduce our ecological footprint.

We’re looking forward to your message!